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Why is Glutamine so important in fitness?

Why is Glutamine so important in fitness?


Glutamine:  Why is it so important in fitness and how can it greatly benefit your body

Glutamine, which is short for glutamic acid, is one of the most important twenty branch chain amino acids that make up what is called our standard ‘genetic code’ – which is the set of rules that the genetic material (DNA and RNA) follow to create proteins for use by the cells in our body

In the body, glutamine can be found in the circulating blood or in the stored muscles, and supports the immune system by being able to absorb necessary nutrients in the small intestines. It also helps prevent illness and severe injuries. Most people who are heavily involved in fitness and bodybuilding have at least heard of glutamine at one point or another, and many have found it to be a very beneficial supplement to add to their training regime.
Now, to explain why glutamine is so important while weight training or during any kind of fitness whether you consider yourself a bodybuilder or just a regular athlete. Glutamine comes into effect when any kind of intense physical activity is exerted on the body. During intense physical training Glutamine levels tend to drop dramatically in the body affecting stamina, recovery and your strength. This is why muscle catabolism can occur when the body robs the muscles of Glutamine to use in the immune system or nitrogen transport.

Also a very important factor to consider is that glutamine is very beneficial to increasing human growth hormone levels in the body. Growth hormones are one of the primary hormones in the body that is involved with synthesizing new muscle mass, so by adding a glutamine supplement to your fitness diet, it can help maximize your goals and give your body the balance it needs in order to work effectively.
Overall Glutamine is important to take while enduring fitness training as it will provide the necessary amount that your body will require since it simply does not produce enough on its own.

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