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What is MSG and is MSG Bad?

What is MSG and is MSG Bad?


MSG is also known as Monosodium Glutamate – The sodium salt of Glutamic Acid (glutamate). 


MSG is composed of two parts, amino acids which acts as the building blocks for protein, and Neurotransmitters with excitatory effect. The excitatory effect is the main reason why MSG is added to most foods. This excitatory effect from MSG creates stimulation in the brain causing you to find the food you are eating more desirable. This excitatory stimulation from MSG is covered up by most food companies by stating that they add MSG just for flavor enhancing. In reality the MSG from the food you eat causes you to crave it more and become addicted to it, which is what most companies want anyway.

Although there are natural foods that do contain Glutamate, MSG can be seen as a refined substance that is extracted and converted to powder, much like how cocaine is made from coca leafs. The reason for this is to create a more intense reaction in your body than what your body is normally accustomed to. This intense reaction causes many issues.

One main issue is that MSG makes the body release more insulin than what the body really needs; this raises your blood sugar and overworks your pancreas to bring these levels down throwing off your body’s natural balance. Creating higher insulin in the body causes fat to be stored much faster which doesn’t let your body use the energy from that food throughout a long period of time. This is why you are able to eat a fast food meal that contains about 1,500 calories and still be hungry an hour later.

MSG can be seen as a substance used to create artificial hunger, promote food cravings, and over eating. By stimulating ones brain with MSG, people will continue to eat these foods as they have developed an addiction to them. Being that MSG causes more fat to be stored followed by more hunger and creates high insulin levels, obesity and diabetes will be developed. Cut MSG from your daily diet, look for raw foods that have not been processed and possibly contain MSG.  

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