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Water: The Fuel to your Body

Water: The Fuel to your Body


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Like a car that consumes gasoline everyday, and needs refilling, the human body consumes water as a nutrient and also needs refilling. The body has continuous losses of water throughout a regular day. Some of these losses occur through skin evaporation, urine, breathing, sweating, and stool. In higher weather temperatures, strenuous activities, and in older adults, more water is being consumed which may lead to dehydration. Dehydration occurs when the output of water is greater than the input.

Now you may ask yourself, why is water so important and what benefits does it actually give my body? The body is composed of 60% water and it uses water to aid in digestion, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and the control of body temperature. It also controls calories by substituting it for other drinks which is essential if your on a weight loss program and need to keep your calories low.  A glass or two of water should also be consumed before a workout session where your body will be enduring exercise and lots of water loss through sweat. In order for the muscles to work effectively, muscle cells need an adequate amount of fluid for them to perform well, if not, you will feel fatigued.

For long term health, water keeps your kidneys healthy and prevent kidney stones. The Kidney aids your body by getting rid of toxins with the proper amounts of fluids. Having your urine come out clear or light colored with no odor means that your body is getting the essential amount of fluids it needs. Also water keeps you looking young by rejuvenating your skin and hair, which can easily dry up and need a good balance of hydration.

Four Steps to follow on a daily to maximize the effectiveness of water is:

1: Drink two glasses of water in the morning before any meal consumption: This will help activate your organs after a long night of sleep

2: Drink a glass of water 30min before a meal consumption: This will help in the process of digestion

3: Drink a glass of water before take a shower or bath: This will help lower blood pressure

4: Drink a glass of water before going to bed: This will help avoid stroke or heart attack


Hope you all enjoy this post and remember: Drink Responsibly


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