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Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened, upset, or set off your balance in some way. Stress is caused by two things. Primarily it is down to whether you think situations around you are worthy of anxiety, and then it’s down to how your body reacts to your thought process. Throughout your life time every person you know will go through some type of stress, some may have it more severe than others.  Stress can come from a variety of different factors including being overworked, worried about a particular situation or person, or even meeting a deadline for a project. Below are some symptoms that stress will cause on your body.

Symptoms of Stress

On Your Body:

Low Sex Drive



Muscle Tension




Social Withdrawal

Over Eating


Stress can play a huge roll on your body especially if you’re an athlete or simply just workout to live a healthy lifestyle. If your body is under stress, this means your pulling your body out of its relax state. By doing so, working out or lifting weights while being stressed can cause you to be more fatigued, and a chance of pulling a muscle or injury while training. Also being stressed will have a major effect on muscle growth. Making sure your body and mind is at a relaxed state can help do away with stress. There are a lot of ways to free your body from stress naturally.


Breathing Meditation, Muscle Relaxation, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Baths

Other Forms:

Workshops, Massages, Eating Healthy, Vitamins, Sleep

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