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Importance of Protein and Protein Foods

Importance of Protein and Protein Foods

Importance of Protein and Protein Foods


It is crucial to know the importance of protein and protein foods in order to understand how it will affect your body through health and fitness. Protein is made up of amino acids covalently bonded through peptide bonds to form a chain. Protein performs many jobs inside our cells. They transfer ions and molecules across the membranes as well as acting as a catalyst. Protein is most importantly used for repairing torn and ripped muscle tissue after it has been worked out on or used for an extended period of time. Every cell in the human body contains protein.  Without protein our body’s would be nonfunctional. The amount of protein you should consume a day should be your body weight. The more protein you eat without exercise the more weight you tend to hold.

Bodybuilders tend to consume 1.5g of protein per body weight to grow their muscles and maintain a fuller look.  Bodybuilders and athletes need more protein than average people because they tend to burn a lot of calories throughout the day. This is why it is important to consume high protein foods to replenish the muscles that have been used through exercise in order for them to grow.

Protein comes in all forms of food and supplements. The most common source of protein comes from fish, meat and poultry. If you should choose to enjoy your protein from meat, choose the leanest proteins; those with the least amount of fat and calories. Best sources of this kind are fish, skinless chicken, turkey and eggs. For red meat, choose the leanest cuts like loin and tenderloin. Nuts are also a great way to get your protein in your body especially if you are a vegetarian.

Protein Powders and protein bars are an easy and convenient way to get good amount of protein in your body when you are on the go. They maximize the effect of workouts for athletes and bodybuilders who enjoy a drink every day after a workout. Protein shakes are quicker than the bars since they are in liquid form and reach the digestion period a lot faster. Either way both give the essentials to help the body begin recovery by building new tissues, and muscles needed to burn the excess calories and structure the physique you would like to achieve.

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