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Creatine is an amino acid that is produced in your body naturally, everyone produces creatine.  Not only does it come naturally from your body but some foods also carry creatine, such as red meat, and fish.  The number one source on getting creatine is supplements. Supplements are the easiest way to get the right amount of creatine balance you need in your body while training.  Creatine comes in all different flavor varieties and forms. From pills to powder no matter what your preference is, there are numerous companies who produce it.

Creatine is the number one weight gain supplement that athletes take throughout the United States. Creatines main function is to increase strength and stamina for your workout routines. By producing strength and stamina, athletes are able to lift more weight, and do more exercises. The way that creatine puts on muscle weight is through water retention, building up water weight in the cells.   

How should you use Creatine? It is recommended that you load your creatine the first week, so that your body is use to the increase of creatine you are storing in your muscles. After the loading phase you would maintain daily doses based on your weight.  95% of the creatine you take is stored in your muscles.  Some people do not like the loading phase and will start off with the normal intake.  The effects in the long term are the same but, if you do follow the directions and load you will have a better affect in the supplement starting out.

The best time to take the creatine would be in your post workout period. That is the most crucial time your muscles would need protein as well as the creatine.   On non-work out days you can take lower doses of creatine but it will not make much difference.  Most people tend to not take it at all on their off days but it is recommended that you do, this way your body will consume what it needs even when you are not working out and are in recovery stage. Most athletes do mix their creatine with protein for the taste.  Creatine may sometimes not taste great so mixing them with protein shakes or juices are a big help to ingest it.  

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