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Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Breakfast Foods To Stay Away From


We always wonder what we should and should not eat for breakfast.  Some breakfast foods have established themselves as the ideal breakfast meal such as bagels, waffles, pancakes, cereal and pastries. As we begin to improve our health and body we must provide ourselves with the proper nutrition in order to achieve our health and fitness goals.

1. One breakfast food to stay away from is pastries. Pastries are mostly composed of processed white flour that contains no nutrition, no fiber, and no real calories. This means your body will have no real nutrients to absorb from and will just convert the pastry to fat.  It is very important to give your body proper nutrients especially for breakfast as it is the first meal of your day. Pastries also contain high sugar content which spikes your blood sugar levels, gives you a crash, and will make you hungrier sooner. A good replacement to pastries is 100% whole wheat items, and for your sugar content, fruits will provide natural sugar and energy.

2. Cereal and Skin Milk- Just like pastries, cereal and skin milk contain no nutrition and empty calories. Not all cereal is bad though, some cereal products contain natural wheat and organic ingredients. Skin Milk has basically been super processed which extracts all the real nutrients that are delivered from whole milk.  A good alternative would be Oats, Oatmeal, and Whole Milk.

3. Butter Spreads- Butter Spread, Jams, most of these products contain many chemicals and trans fat. It is much better to stick to real butter or coconut oil spreads.

 4. Artificial Juices- Artificial flavored juices contain sugar and other additives that do nothing for your nutrition intake. Best way to go about juices, are all natural 100% juices such as orange juice, grape juice, and apple juice.

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