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Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Breakfast Foods To Stay Away From   We always wonder what we should and should not eat for breakfast.  Some breakfast foods have established themselves as the ideal breakfast meal such as bagels, waffles, pancakes, cereal and pastries. As we begin to improve our health and body we must provide ourselves with the proper nutrition […]



Stress: Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened, upset, or set off your balance in some way. Stress is caused by two things. Primarily it is down to whether you think situations around you are worthy of anxiety, and then it’s down to how your body reacts to your […]



Creatine Creatine is an amino acid that is produced in your body naturally, everyone produces creatine.  Not only does it come naturally from your body but some foods also carry creatine, such as red meat, and fish.  The number one source on getting creatine is supplements. Supplements are the easiest way to get the right […]


What is MSG and is MSG Bad?

  MSG is also known as Monosodium Glutamate – The sodium salt of Glutamic Acid (glutamate).    MSG is composed of two parts, amino acids which acts as the building blocks for protein, and Neurotransmitters with excitatory effect. The excitatory effect is the main reason why MSG is added to most foods. This excitatory effect […]


Importance of Protein and Protein Foods

Importance of Protein and Protein Foods   It is crucial to know the importance of protein and protein foods in order to understand how it will affect your body through health and fitness. Protein is made up of amino acids covalently bonded through peptide bonds to form a chain. Protein performs many jobs inside our […]


Important workout and diet plan tips to follow with your soma type body

  Soma types: Ectomorphic Mesomorphic Endomorphic As you can tell people come in all different forms and sizes. The structure of the human body has commonly been defined as either fat, skinny, or muscular. It is important to determine what type of body structure you see yourself as in order to figure out how you […]


Why is Glutamine so important in fitness?

  Glutamine:  Why is it so important in fitness and how can it greatly benefit your body Glutamine, which is short for glutamic acid, is one of the most important twenty branch chain amino acids that make up what is called our standard ‘genetic code’ – which is the set of rules that the genetic […]


Water: The Fuel to your Body

  Like a car that consumes gasoline everyday, and needs refilling, the human body consumes water as a nutrient and also needs refilling. The body has continuous losses of water throughout a regular day. Some of these losses occur through skin evaporation, urine, breathing, sweating, and stool. In higher weather temperatures, strenuous activities, and in older […]

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